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The Art of Living Well

Three years ago, I reached the age of 65, and I started to seriously consider life after work. What would be the best possible way to live, given the time remaining? When I become free of the need to earn a living, what activities would give me the most satisfaction?... Read more

Spiritual Alternatives

Because I seem to know a lot about Buddhism, my students often ask me if I also follow a spiritual path. In other words, do I follow a particular Buddhist teacher or lineage, or hold beliefs about reincarnation or an afterlife? Often these people are also wondering... Read more

How the Sutta works

In the last chapter I described sati as sustained, purposeful attention. I will now explain how it is applied throughout the Sutta. Before I do so, I have to address an uncomfortable issue. The Buddha’s techniques are exquisitely practical, but his values are not... Read more