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Awakening: keep it personal

After a climactic night of meditation, the Buddha became fully ‘awakened’ at the moment of sunrise. This word invariably implies a kind of fresh morning radiance in the soul. We imagine an awakened person as having a continuously serene and joyful state of... Read more

A Short History of the Soul

‘To thine own self be true’, said Shakespeare, quoting a proverb that had its roots in ancient Greece. ‘Know yourself’ said Socrates, who argued that self-understanding is essential for happiness, wisdom and the pursuit of any knowledge... Read more

Truth: knowing it or living it

Our need for truth is hard-wired into the psyche. We make distinctions every day between true and false, and try to clarify those situations that are ambiguous. We seek out the certainties and good evidence that make all the difference between success or failure in... Read more

Music and the Song of the Body

Years ago, I went deep underground with some caving enthusiasts. After two hours of scrambling, crawling, and abseiling, we decided to switch off our lights and listen. A deep dry cave is more profoundly black and silent than anywhere on the surface of the earth. In... Read more