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How to Meditate: Part 1 (The Basic Kit)

Meditation is a technique that relaxes the body quickly and calms the mind. It is based on simple principles and is remarkably easy to do. Once you understand how it works, it is easy to integrate into an active life. You can destress and return to balance in a minute or two while walking, waiting, doing exercise or household tasks. Longer sessions calm the body to the point of sleep, and make the mind delightfully still and clear.

Meditation is ideal for anxiety and stress-related illnesses. If you can relax at will, your whole body functions better. Meditation is particularly good for insomnia, pain, hypertension, digestive problems and chronic illness.

Yet meditation offers more than relaxation and better health. People feel more centred, present and aware. They can control their thoughts and emotions better, and their thinking becomes more productive. They find that meditation enhances sensory pleasure, the appreciation of beauty and the performance of any skill. The daily difficulties become easier to manage and life can become unexpectedly enjoyable again.

CD ONE: Shorter Meditations
1 Introduction 13:20
2 How Meditation works 6:33
3 The Short Meditations explained 10:51
4 The Longer Meditations explained 5:59
5 Three Sighs 2:00
6 The Countdown 3:20
7 The Breath Meditation 9:20
8 The Bodyscan 7:35
9 The Basic Meditation 11:00
CD TWO: Long Meditations
1 The Basic Meditation 24:00
2 The Bodyscan 24:00
3 The Breath Meditation 25:00
TOTAL TIME: 2 hours, 23 minutes