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Short, Active Meditations

These 2 CDs vastly expand the possibilities of meditation. You don’t always have to sit down for a long time in a quiet place to meditate. These 17 exercises are quite short, between 2 and 10 minutes long, and most can be done with open eyes or while walking. If you go for regular walks or use aerobic machines at the gym, you can even listen to them on your ipod.

These meditations will help you relax rapidly in a wide range of situations. You can do them whenever you walk or wait, or whenever you are alone or have only a few minutes. With a little practice, you can easily meditate several times a day without disturbing your usual activities. For example, you could relax your body, calm your mind, and centre yourself nearly every time you had to walk.

Most of these meditations are equally suitable for sitting or lying down. This CD set presents more sophisticated versions of the Breath and Bodyscan meditations found in the How to Meditate CDs, plus some new sensory exercises. These will help you be more  flexible and imaginative, and able to get the most out of your practice

CD ONE: Spot Meditations
1 Introduction
2 The meditations explained
3 Three sighs 1:50
4 Relaxed breathing 5:55
5 Controlled Breathing 9:25
6 Soft, open and still 6:40
7 Stop before you start 4:55
8 Visual objects 9:10
9 Random Sounds 8:10
CD TWO: Walking Meditations
1 Introduction
2 The meditations explained
3 Standing 3:00
4 Soft, open and still 4:50
5 Relaxed breathing 7:20
6 Deep breathing 6:30
7 Bodyscan 5:10
8 Strong, flowing movement 6:40
9 Visual Objects 6:10
10 Being Present 8:30