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Stress, Health & Meditation

We all seem to know what stress and meditation are until we try to define them. This book will try to dispel this confusion. The first CD explains meditation, stress and anxiety in detail. The second CD explain how stress affects our common ailments and how meditation can help.

Thousands of studies have shown that stress has a major impact on our physical and mental health. The first signs are usually insomnia, anxiety and an overactive mind. Prolonged stress contributes to muscle tension and pain, cardiovascular disease, poor digestion, impaired immune function, anxiety and depression.

Stress is a state of habitual overarousal, a weak but persistent fight-or-flight response.  It is easy to see how meditation, by relaxing the body and lowering arousal, is a natural antidote to stress. It works globally throughout the body, helping to restore homeostatic balance and the body’s ability to repair itself, and it can be a specific remedy for some ailments.

Meditation is a technique that is easy to extract from its spiritual background. If you have good reasons for wanting to meditate, it is useful to know how it works, physically and mentally, and what kinds of results you can expect in your situation. This book should clarify these issues for you.

1 Introduction 7:26
2 Meditation 14:30
3 Stress 32:49
4 Anxiety 13:49
1 Sleep 20:18
2 Muscle Tension 11:54
3 Cardiovascular Disease 6:24
4 Breathing 9:35
5 Digestion 10:27
6 Immunity 18:11
TOTAL TIME: 2 hours, 25 minutes