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The Foundations of Mindfulness

Eric’s latest book, The Foundations of Mindfulness, is a commentary and a fresh translation of the Buddha’s original DIY text on the subject. 2500 years on, this text is still the most lucid and comprehensive explanation of mindfulness available to us. It contains 21 training exercises for observing the body, emotions, states of mind and thought which can easily be adapted to our 21st Century requirements.

Because the standard translation is indecipherable to non-experts, modern mindfulness relies more on the Zen practice of ‘Just Sitting, not Thinking’, and knows little about the Buddha’s more sophisticated approach.

Read selected chapters below.

Chapter 1

The Standard Meditation

Chapter 3

The Breath Meditation

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Controlling Thought

Chapter 7

Why Focus On The Body

Chapter 9

Mindful Action

Chapter 10

Open Monitoring

Chapter 20


Chapter 24

The Scientific Evidence